Prefab Granite Countertops Perfect Your Backyard Oasis

Prefab granite countertops may seem like an unlikely place to start when planning a backyard kitchen and entertainment area, however once you discover the strength, durability and beauty that they offer I promise, you won't look back!
The essential triage for anyone planning an outdoor kitchen and dining area includes
  • The preparation space,
  • The cooking space and;
  • The serving space.
However, a common mistake many people make when creating their ideal layout for the perfect backyard kitchen is to make the cooking area the main attraction, often spending all their energy and effort on the what they will be grilling with, and overlooking the importance of the prep and serving spaces.
Without great preparation and serving spaces you might as well be trekking back and forth from the indoor kitchen to the grill. Save the in and out and take a look at how prefab granite countertops can make your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area the envy of all your friends and neighbours.
A Thing of Beauty
Prefabricated granite countertops are slightly more cost effective than traditional granite slabs because they are pre-cut in common layouts but retain all the important qualities that make it such a great investment for any home décor choice such as beauty and strength.
Granites natural attributes include;
  • Availability in a wide variety of colours and patterns to please even the most discerning tastes
  • Heat resistant and scratch resistant
  • Minimal absorption, which means less staining, and bacteria retention
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
Counters Make Perfect
As mentioned above, a great counter space for food preparation is essential. By choosing top materials like prefab granite countertops you will be enhancing the outdoor experience with natural stone. For serving, you can't go wrong with a bar counter, especially if space is at a premium. Bars can be used for serving of course, but also as a storage area and an additional prep area. Standard prefab countertop layouts generally include;
  • Straight cut
  • L-Shaped
  • U-Shaped
  • Split height counters
Although prefabricated granite countertops offer savings over traditional granite slabs that are custom cut, it is still an investment! Granite countertops can last a lifetime, but only if they are purchased with care; choose your distributer wisely!
Look for marble and granite importers and distributors who have over 30 years of industry experience and offer premium customer services such as fair pricing, great products, samples and consultation, a large selection of materials in stock and ready to be shipped, the largest truck fleet in the industry, prompt and secure delivery and more.
Whether your outdoor kitchen and entertainment area will consist of a basic counter, charcoal grill and some lawn chairs or it will be an elaborate set up complete with the latest in grilling technology and a weatherproof 7 piece living room set and fully stocked split height bar , it is important to remember to incorporate function with your design.
Start with prefab granite countertops for their strength, durability and beauty and everything else will fall into place.